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Very professional staff and a reasonable place. I have been taking my son there for about a year now and he loves it. His focus has improved in day-to-day activities

and now he follows instructions. Would recommend it to all parents who have growing kids. A good way to learn self discipline.


I absolutely love it there! The best Dojo I’ve ever joined! I highly recommend this place if you want serious Karate with amazing people that care and go out of their

wayto help you and make you feel confident.

Jakob M

My son has just started the Tiny Tigers program 5 weeks ago and looks forward to going each week. Sensei Steve is firm with respect and listening but has fun and is

playful while training with them which is what keeps my son interested and wanting to go back! The price is very reasonable and I highly recommend this Dojo.

Patricia M

This place means a lot to us. Over the years it has become a true family to my daughter.
This place has given her joy, excellent karate instructions, confidence and skills.

Christina M

Awesome teacher, adapts easily to the kids' level and provides a safe learning environment. Teaches respect and discipline. Price is well worth it.

Jean-Sebastien C

This is an awesome dojo. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and r great teachers for both kids and adults alike.

Highly recommend this place to anybody who wants top notch training.

boyd m

Sensei Steve and the rest of the team at the Karate Dojo do a fantastic job in showing both kids and adults alike the many benefits of Karate. Their disciplined,

instructive, yet fun approach to their classes sets a fine example for how a Karate school should be run.


Sensei Steve and the other Sensei are very friendly, respectful and excellent with the adults and especially the kids. My son goes there and he and I love it! Great people

and GREAT price! Highly recommend it! They treat us like family.

Marcelo V

My son has been attending for a while now and he loves it. Great atmosphere and great people - upbeat, supportive and energetic leaders. Sensei Steve is one of the best

there is, he's a great role model for kids. Sensei Anna is mad cool too. Highly recommended!

Alla F

My son has been apart of this club since he was 4yrs old. He is 6.5 now and looks forward to attending his training every week. The club's Sensei is very well traveled

and has spent time training traditionally in Okinawa. Committed to reinforcing respect and active listening this club is able to achieve this in a playful way that children as well

as adults look forward to coming back every week.

Brad S

Sensai Steve is amazing with kids. My son started when he was 4 and just over a year later we have seen a huge difference in him. His ability to concentrate/focus and

his strength are vastly improved and he loves going. We gave him an opportunity to stop going and focus on hockey and he wouldn't even consider it.
Sensai can be tough when needed and silly and fun. The tiny tigers program is perfect if you have a little one. They will get skills in both karate and

lessons to carry through in every day.

Trish K

The Karate Dojo is a great place to send your kids. Steve is great with the kids. My son learnt alot and I will continue to send my son there. Thanks Steve.

Derron F

My son has been attending The Karate Dojo in Angus for 4 months. He is 4 years old and in the Tiny Tigers program. Sensi Steve has helped my son become more

focused and self confident in his abilities. He teaching method is firm but kind with the kids (which is just what my son needed) but he's funny too. I have seen a great

improvement with my sons focus, respect and attentiveness since starting. He looks forward to Karate every week and often talks about moving to the next belt and

wanting to compete. Prices are reasonable. I highly recommend Sensi Steve and the Karate Dojo.


My daughters have trained with both Sensei Anna and Sensei Steve for 5 years now. I speak from experience when I say that they are the real deal. Both are well

respected within the Martial Arts community for their character, honour and amazing skills. You and your children won’t regret training here at the Karate Dojo in

Angus. Their traditional yet patient styles of teaching are like no other. I would recommend that if you have an interest in karate to just come out to the dojo and

take a look for yourself. It’s a great place to be if you want to learn.

Judith t C

#oldschoolkarate is how Kyoshi Steve and Renshi Anna Lynch are teaching at the #C.G.K.F. I've been here for 7 years and call them family. I hate missing a class.

Patti A

My son has been learning karate from The Karate Dojo since he was 4 years old. Sensei Steve is amazing! He truly cares about each and every one of his students.

He makes an effort to make it fun for the kids while training. Respect and tradition is very important to Sensei and it certainly shows with the kids. The expectations

regarding respect are clear. Sensei Patti helps with the littles and is very good with them as well.The Dojo itself is clean and well marked with plenty of seating.

Stacey S

3 of my children have been with the DOJO since the ages of 7 the beginner classes, now 13 and 10,10 they have learned so much and have great admiration for their

Sensei Steve. He makes the kids work for their goals and achieve them not hand out for “free” he is a great old school teacher with lots of love for his.students

Glenda B

I am beyond satisfied with this dojo. We’re fortunate enough to live near by, but even if we lived out of town, this would be our dojo of choice. I don’t think the wonderful

atmosphere here could easily be matched. My son has been attending for a couple years, and absolutely loves it. He has something to look forward to, and has a healthy

goal to go after in life. In just a couple years, his confidence has grown immensely, he has more peace of mind, and a good sense of respect for himself and others.

Best of all, he’s learning extremely valuable skills from highly trained and well travelled senseis. I love that it is real here and to the point, while also holding room for

enjoyment and incorporating fun in a useful way. My fiancé and I even decided we want to join when the time is right! Really happy we came across this place!!

Skysurfer 777

My daughter has been there one year, and she loves it there, the coaches are nice and funny. Great place!

Violet X

This is an excellent dojo. It is well equipped and clean. All of the sensei are very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Sensei Steve is a great teacher.

He is caring, funny and develops meaningful relationships with his students. He sets high expectations and helps his students achieve them all while having fun.

Since joining the dojo, my son has developed greater self-discipline, respect, focus, self-confidence and he takes great pride in his accomplishments.

I highly recommend this dojo.

Tricia D

I really appreciate all the work that is being done at the Dojo, the instructors are excellent!!

Steven M


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