The Karate Dojo has a long history dating back to 1982/83 when head instructor of The Karate Dojo and the CGKF started his studies in Goju-ryu Karate. Kyoshi Steve Lynch's first introduction to the martial arts was in 1973 at CFS Moosonee, a cold war radar station, at the local Judo club at the Defence Team Members gymnasium. Steve sensei has continued from that point on to pursue the martial path and maintains his dedication to share his knowledge to promote health and well being physically, spiritually and mentally through the traditional art of Canada Goju Karate-do.

The Karate Dojo has programs for all ages and also provides KSP (Kyusho Self Protection) courses and workshops in a monthly format which is ideal for people who cannot commit to weekly programs.

The Karate Dojo, old school traditions, no fluff, real Karate. Nothing is given at The CGKF Karate Dojo, everything is earned. Please accept our invitation to join us. Old traditions, cultivating mind, body and spirit promoting a positive attribute to our community through Karate-do.

CGKF Yudansha

Steve Lynch                7th Dan, Kyoshi

Anna Lynch                5th Dan, Renshi

Gabriel Chartier        3rd Dan, Sensei

Matt Casey                 2nd Dan, Sensei

Richard Boyko           2nd Dan, Sensei

Patricia Armes          1st Dan, Sensei

Julian Lynch               Shodan-Ho

Maya Moore              Shodan-Ho

Tristan Zoller,            Shodan-Ho

Olivia Burleigh          Shodan-ho