The Karate Dojo

Canada Goju Karate Federation


The applicant and / or parent / guardian understands that The KARATE Dojo (Yushinkai Karate Inc.) promises to provide instruction and facilities to the applicant for the period of paid membership. In that context, the applicant / parent / guardian understands that they are taking up an enrolment place which might be otherwise be available another applicant.

Qualified personnel trained in the procedures and traditions of the martial arts supervise all sessions, which include instructors, assistant instructors and coaches of The KARATE Dojo (Yushinkai Karate Inc.) and authorized guest trainers. Official belt recognition and rank certification will be issued to me upon successful completion of the requirements in the applicable examination(s) including testing fees received and up to date membership to the Canada Goju Karate Federation (included in your membership).

The applicant / parent / guardian recognizes that regular attendance is important for student progress and understands that it is their responsibility to attend class sessions. It is further understood that the participant is obligated to make payment(s) whether or not the participant attends class. The applicant / parent / guardian further understands that failure to complete the lessons / course does not relieve the applicant / parent / guardian of the obligation to pay the tuition in full.

The applicant / parent / guardian understands that physical activity by its nature carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. Part of the risk involved in undertaking any activity program is related to the participant's own state of health, the awareness, care and skill the participant conducts themselves in that activity or program / course. All participants in all related programs, courses, seminars or services offered by The KARATE Dojo (Yushinkai Karate Inc.) is voluntary and each participant / parent / guardian assumes all risks associated with their participation. The applicant / parent / guardian understand and agree, that participating in The KARATE Dojo (Yushinkai Karate Inc.) curriculum, is taking part in a athletic and martial arts program and that by its very nature involve physical contact including strikes, kicks, joint manipulation techniques and related risks. The applicant / parent / guardian is unaware of any medical problems, issues or concerns that would prevent participation in joined program / course. The applicant / parent / guardian herby discharge and waive any and all claims against Yushinkai Karate Inc. (The KARATE Dojo), Steven Lynch, Anna Lynch, authorized instructors, assistant instructors, coaches, authorized guests and any persons connected with Yushinkai Karate Inc. (The KARATE Dojo) from any and all responsibility for health problems or injuries which may result from participation in The KARATE Dojo (Yushinkai Karate Inc.) curriculum and related programs / courses.


I have read, acknowledged and agree with the waiver and membership contract on this registration form.